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Which is the best perfume store in the UAE?

Taif Al Emarat - Luxury Perfume Stores in UAE
Luxury Perfumes are the perfect gifts and make perfect souvenirs when you travel from the UAE. From luxury perfumes to the best Arabic perfumes, Taif Al Emarat has something to suit all tastes. The best perfume shops in the UAE of Taif Al Emarat are located in the best malls in the UAE as well as regional stores hidden in the streets. Check to see where the most convenient perfume stores are located in the UAE and what they offer.

Taif Al Emarat One of the Best Arabic Perfume Brand in UAE:
When you feel about Arabic perfumes, you probably think of the Taif Al Emarat, thanks to the rich collection of distinctive scents and concentrated perfume oils blended with oriental perfume notes.

Discover High-Quality Luxury Fragrances
Discover our amazing range of luxury perfumes for both men and women in the best perfume stores in the UAE

Taif Al Emarat: Best place to buy luxury perfumes this weekend
For about 16 years, we have been selling the largest range of women's fragrances and men's fragrances in the UAE. Our wonderful collection includes:
GCC Collection - Best Arabic Perfumes in UAE
Taif Collection - A piece of the finest Emirati perfumes (UAE Perfumes)
Romance Collection - Popular Women's Perfume
Violet Collection - A wonderful aromatic scent that suits you more
Bakhoor Collection - The Most Valuable and best Aromatic Incense
Agarwood Collection - the best luxury Oud in the UAE
Aromatic Oils Collection - The Luxury Arabian Oils
Peacock Collection - the most preferred musk oil in the United Arab Emirates
Gift Set - Best Luxury Perfume Gifts
Air Freshener Collection - The Most Satisfying Home Fragrance
Customised Collection - The Most Acceptable Personalized Perfume Gifts
Incense burner Collection - suitable incense burner
Cream Collection - Best Perfumed Cream in UAE

Which is the best perfume in UAE – Taif Al Emarat?
T12 Vibrant
Refreshing tones of the rhythm of citrus and amber, the melodies intertwine with the tide and flow of cedar leaves and continue with the blend of iris and fade with the emergence of sandalwood.

Which is the best luxurious perfume in Taif Al Emarat?
GCC Collection
An invaluable and honourable collection, inspired by the civilization and traditions of our Arabian Gulf, designed in the form of an authentic Arab sword because of its cultural specificity and its close association with the traditions and culture of the Gulf, designed from the best and rarest. From many precious ingredients enrich the soul and conscience with a carefully selected precious scent of grace and splendour.

Which is the Best Oud Perfumes in UAE - Taif Al Emarat

GCC Collection
UAE Oud – Long Live My Country
Oman – Pride and Innocuous
Union Perfume
Kaffet W Waffet – Kalakassi Oud
Taif Collection
T02 – Night Magic
T04 - Dashing
T06 - Treachery
T08 - Arrogant
T14 – Youth Spirit