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Why Taif Al Emarat is the Best Perfume Stores in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, and is currently one of the best places to go on vacation because of the amazing scenery this beautiful city has to offer. On top of that Abu Dhabi always ranks very high among ‘The safest places in the world’. This city is a great market overall for all kinds of work, it is truly a great city to thrive, both in business and leisure.
Taif Al Emarat is already a very well-established Luxury perfume brand in Abu Dhabi and all over the United Arab Emirates, our goal is to go worldwide and we are doing that one step at a time. Opening up five different shops just in the city of Abu Dhabi puts us ahead of our competitors. We want our loyal customers to never struggle to find lavish perfumes in Abu Dhabi regardless of where they reside, to bring Taif Al Emarat closer to you is what we intend for you as the consumer.
Our five stores in Abu Dhabi is a resemblance to how much we believe in our products and brand. Quality cannot be ignored in any of our products which is why each Arabic perfume shop in Abu Dhabi and the aroma inside are made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. long lasting perfume in Abu Dhabi for both men and women along with inspiring scents that can take you places and a touch of elegance to radiate confidence throughout your day.
The ambiance throughout all our stores gives you the sensation that you are surrounded by valuable items and that’s what we had in mind when opening best oud perfume shops in Abu Dhabi and all over the city.
Get greeted with coffee and dates, feel at ease when visiting our shops and let our well-versed employees help you find an appropriate scent.
Taif Al Emarat, we are known for best Arabic UAE perfumes and for good reason our scent can liven your day and will be getting vast amounts of compliments as well. With over 50 perfumes in our arsenal you will surely find one that captures your personality the best. So get acquainted with the best perfume shops in Abu Dhabi.
Oud like no other, we know how much our middle eastern family loves oud so we dedicated a fair share of our Luxury perfume store in Abu Dhabi to having an Oud scent blended within them so others can gravitate towards your scent. Other aromas include bakhours/incense that fill up rooms and will constantly linger around your surroundings.
Our values include offering you the best of the best while maintaining honesty to our beloved customers and following principles that guided us all the way here. Taif al Emarat is here to stay, we intend to keep expanding and keep growing. We love the city of Abu Dhabi and everything it offers. Taif Al Emarat is a fragrance that travels as far as your imagination.

Consists of 15 perfumes each one with its own specific notes and specialty while having a story behind it. From T09 “change your life” is a fragrance that might not exactly change your circumstances but will surely enhance it, when you spray this perfume on you get a blast of lemon blossom and orchid a fresh scent that will linger around you for hours. You also have T04 dashing the best-selling unisex perfume in this collection made with an unforgettable blend of honey oud, this perfume is called dashing because you will have everyone mesmerized by your scent trail. A new one that recently dropped is called Mood. It has mandarin rose and tobacco, bound to leave you in a delightful mood.

Impressing and captivating like the rest of the Taif al Emarat collections here you will find perfumes that are consistent with flora notes, this is because you are trying to set an impression, one that’s calming and welcoming with all the Arabic perfumes in this collection. A popular one whose literal name is flirting, this fragrance practically speaks for itself with notes of rosemary and Moroccan rose a unique unisex perfume. You have 7 perfumes in this collection perfect for a night out or a date night, choose accordingly and enjoy your aroma that evening.

Taif al Emarat aimed to make an affordable yet high-end perfume with this collection the way this bottle is designed elegantly and small enough that it fits in the palm of your hand. A perfect grab-and-go collection, for example, V03 captains a fresh scent perfect for all occasions and every location with notes of lemon and white amber indulge yourself with the V collection and some of the best Arabic perfumes from Abu Dhabi. If you’re a woman who likes her flowers mixed with musk V06 the Royal Rose is a perfect scent for the lady in red. The violet collection aims to please with very little to be spent, available at Taif Al Emarat one of the best perfume shops in Abu Dhabi.

For luxury perfumes in Abu Dhabi, the GCC collection is a secret blend by Taif Emarat. You can feel the quality just by the way the bottle glistens in the sun. The cap represents a dagger, an ancient piece used by Arabs back in the day. six perfumes from the collection have a history rooted within them (UAE OUD, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait). UAE Oud perfume blended with Cambodian oud and vanilla, a true jaw-dropping scent liked by many, especially in the Middle east. What is special about this collection is that it has Arabic culture as its backbone, so if you are middle eastern it will remind you of culture and tradition while if you are from the west it will introduce you to all the spices and beautiful notes Arabs use daily to liven their day up.

Bakhoor is Often lit up inside the houses of many Arabs. This beautiful warm aromatic scent will have your home smelling great and welcoming not only to you but to everyone that enters it. Do not only decorate your place with nice curtains and couches lit up your house with Bakhoor from Taif al Emarat, Bakhoor al Jumeirah is the preferred choice for a lot of people, visit the Abu Dhabi luxury perfume shops from Taif Al Emarat and also purchase Bakhoor so your home and your scent work together in harmony. Bakhoor Shops in Abu Dhabi are a definite crowd-pleaser.
Taif al Emarat is a perfume house but also excels in other departments of scents and aromas from even offering air fresheners to agarwood along with musk/Arabic oil your destination to Abu Dhabi to look for Arabic perfumes shops has been narrowed down to a single perfume shop, Taif al Emarat a fragrance that travels as far as your imagination.

Which is the best place to buy Arabic perfume in Abu Dhabi?
Taif Al Emarat has some of the most enticing scents and aromas, your goal to find the best Arabic perfume is located at Abu Dhabi
Yas Mall
Abu Dhabi Mall
Bawabat Al Sharq Mall
Deerfields Mall
Dalma Mall

Which Oud brand is best in Abu Dhabi?
T02 night magic from Taif Al Emarat is part of the Taif collection, a beautiful blend of bergamot and Cambodian oud. This perfume is really good in terms of projection and longevity.

Which is the most famous perfume brand in Abu Dhabi?
Taif al Emarat is by far the most famous with over 5 stores located just in Abu Dhabi it is clear that they are the most popular along with their perfumes of course.

Which is the best oud to buy?
A lot of perfume shops sell oud but you can find the best oud in Taif Al Emarat. Authentic oud eye-opening reactions, try it for yourself at any Taif al Emarat perfume store located in Abu Dhabi and all over GCC.

Which is the best long lasting perfume in Abu Dhabi?
Taif al Emarat has long-lasting perfumes even though most fresh perfumes are not long-lasting Taif al Emarat T09 can easily last up to eight hours plus and even longer on your clothing.

What are the best Wood Perfumes in Abu Dhabi?
GCC Collection
Kuwait – Saved for The Glory
Emirates Land – Happy National Day
Year of Tolerance
Taif Collection
T10 King
T05 Oriental Magic
T06 Treachery
T07 Attractive
T15 Gratuitous

When is the best time to use Oud?
Anytime, Because Oud Oil can be worn every day, the most convenient timing is to progress directly before the event. Maybe in your car, before you leave.
Where do you apply Oud?
Oud is usually applied in areas with a pulse. On the wrist, the neck parts, and behind the ears. These are warm areas and activate the scent warmth to last longer.