Between the ancestral culture, traditions, glories, the incense group came with charming mixes to give your sessions elegance and beauty.

Best Bakhour in Dubai

Enhance your environment with the best Bakhour in Dubai

Our Bakhour is wood chips that have been soaked in essential oils while gaining other natural elements such as sandalwood, and resin. We offer unique collections of the best Bakhour in Dubai Mall and other malls in Dubai and all over the UAE that tell different stories.


Between the culture of the ancestors, the glories, and the love of renewal and presence, the incensed group came with charming mixtures to add to the Your sessions are glamorous and beautiful Incense is a very important ingredient in Arab and Emirati culture.


It makes incense to burn because It will create very unique and distinct scents by doing this. In the UAE, it is not only used in homes as incense but also on clothes, as its scent The material will hug and be long-lasting. As mentioned, Bakhoor is unique as you will find hundreds or even thousands of different incenses, oil scents Oud paired with sandalwood oil or with musk.


Taif Al Emarat is distinguished by its diversity of incense and the quality of oud oil, as it contains the best aromatic ingredients that captivate.

We offer the best incense in Dubai with the finest Emirati blends, from musk and sandalwood to Indian oud, musk, and amber.


What is the best bakhour in Dubai?

Bakhour Shay Taif is one of the finest mixtures, in the name of Taif Musk for the soul, with sandalwood, we perfumed it with the finest oud oil We crowned it with the special Taif Al Emarat mix with musk.


What is the best Emirati mixture of Indian Bakhour?

With footsteps in place, a scent that races against time, the Bakhour of Mahra with an Emirati mixture adorned with oud and musk, roses and jasmine They embrace the place.


What is the best amber Bakhour?

Bakhour of Bin Nahyan, with the splendor of the touches of good amber and the The loftiness of musk with the Indian oud is one of the best incense in Dubai.