GCC Collection

A precious and distinctive collection, inspired by the culture and traditions of our Arabian Gulf, designed in the shape of an authentic Arab dagger because of its cultural specificity and close relationship with the traditions and culture of the Gulf, designed from the finest and rarest precious Ingredients that enrich the soul and conscience with a valuable fragrance selected elegantly and beautifully.

GCC The spirit of glory

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

KSA Long live your glory

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

Qatar Renaissance and civilization

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

Kuwait Saved for the glory

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

Bahrain The cradle of peace

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

Oman Pride and Innocuous

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

Expo 2020 World Forum

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

GCC Collection 3 Fragrances

Price: 646 USD (VAT Included)

GCC Collection: Introducing Our Exclusive Range of Arabic Perfumes

Taif Al Emarat offers an extraordinary collection of luxurious Arabic Perfumes. This collection is amazing because it takes inspiration from the culture and tradition of the Arabian Gulf. GCC collection takes your senses on an incredible sensory experience. Taif Al Emarat takes great pride in crafting luxurious Arabic perfumes using only premium and rare ingredients. This ensures superior fragrance production. These scents are elegantly selected for a unique sensory experience. Discover this enchanting collection of Arabic fragrances that captures the true essence of the GCC.

Cultural Significance of Luxury Arabic Perfumes in UAE

Perfumes hold a great cultural significance in the Arab world. UAE, known for its luxurious lifestyle, sells some of the highest-quality Arabic perfumes. Perfume has long been part of UAE tradition. Generations have handed down this important legacy. They have been crafting luxury Arabic fragrances for centuries now. These fragrances serve as symbols of hospitality, generosity and personal expression.

An aromatic journey awaits with luxury Arabic perfumes from Taif Al Emarat. Their magical perfume can transport you into another realm filled with magic. A world where fragrance dreams become realities and memories come flooding back. Taif Al Emarat draws its inspiration from its captivating surroundings in the region. Their GCC Collection epitomizes elegance, sophistication and an Arabian mystique. One thing is for sure that you won't want to forget any time soon.

What Makes These Arabic Perfumes Different from Other Perfumes

Skilled artisans craft Arabic perfumes with top-notch ingredients, making them unique. This makes them stand out from other fragrances. At Taif Al Emarat we pride ourselves on offering authentic yet luxury Arabic scents for you to experience. You will find these luxury fragrances at our GCC Collection. Let's examine what sets Arabic perfumes apart from others:

  1. Unique Ingredients: Arabic fragrances are famous for using only rare and exotic ingredients. When blended, they create rich, complex scents with long-term aromas that last. We use these exotic ingredients to create perfumes to enchant and captivate their customers' senses.
  2. Meticulous Craftsmanship: It’s clear that crafting Arabic perfumes is a work of art. Artisan has passed down this method from one generation to the next. Perfumes at Taif AL Emarat meticulously blend these ingredients to perfection. Each perfume is a testament to their dedication and expertise.
  3. Cultural Inspiration: The GCC Collection draws inspiration from the rich culture of the Gulf Countries. Taif Al Emarat’s perfumes capture the beauty of Arabian culture. That means when you wear one of our perfumes, you are carrying a piece of tradition with you.

Explore the enchanting world of Arabic perfumery with our exclusive GCC Collection, featuring exquisite fragrances inspired by the GCC region. Let our luxury Arabic perfumes, including GCC, KSA, and Qatar, transport you to a world where luxury meets tradition in every bottle.