Taif Collection

An elegant and attractive collection of variety of perfumes with Ingredients rooted in our rich history, from Ingredients that mimic the magic of our personalities and highlight their components.

Golden Oud

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T18 Lemon Musk

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T17 Tobacco Honey

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T16 Musk Honey

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T15 Gratuitous

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T14 Youth Spirit

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T13 Charismatic

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T12 Vibrant

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T11 Romantic

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T10 The King

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T09 Change your life

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T08 Theyab

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T07 Attractive

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T06 Glory

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T05 Oriental Magic

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T04 Dashing

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T03 Cesar

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T02 Night Magic

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T01 Fresh

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

Taif Collection 3 Fragrances

Price: 425 USD (VAT Included)

Smart Box

Price: 324 USD (VAT Included)

Elegance Box

Price: 283 USD (VAT Included)

Taif Collection | Buy Best Perfumes Collection in UAE

Luxurious Perfumes in Dubai

There is always something luxurious in the Taif UAE perfume collection, whether it is the point where the wearer leaves their scent as soon as they pass you by or the point where the best UAE perfumes in the UAE last for a long time. There is something magical about these scents.

Our Taif collection is one of the most elegant luxury UAE perfumes, it is made with some of the best ingredients along with the natural elements that elevate the quality of this collection.

To identify all the rich Arabic elements, our best UAE perfumes for men are inspired by the rich Arab civilization, so we are designed to add all our fragrance experiences to our most valuable Taif collection.

From the best-selling men's fragrance TO9 “Change Your Life” infused with lemon blossom and orchid to T03 “Cesar” with notes of amber and pine and also the best-selling oud perfume T04 “Dashing” for men and women with the blend of honey and agarwood is a must. It surprises you by making them the best UAE perfumes. This gorgeous and deep collection has a little tradition with you at every moment. Moreover, this set is a feature of Taif Al Emarat’s Luxury.

Even for the best night party perfumes that offer you unique scents, the Arabian Oud perfume found in the best winter scents makes a lasting impression. When it comes to the finest oud perfumes in the UAE, we are confident that we are among the best. When you buy our perfumes online in UAE, it is a purchase that serves your sense of joy.

Try these luxury perfumes in Dubai from our Arabian perfume stores. Our best perfumes in Dubai play a very essential role in the daily lives of Arabs.

Which is the best place to buy UAE perfume online?

Taif Al Emarat

A wonderful and attractive collection of a variety of UAE perfumes with ingredients rooted in our rich history, from ingredients that capture our personalities and highlight their ingredients.

What is the best perfume in UAE?

Oud perfumes are one of the best perfumes in the UAE.

Best Oud Perfumes | Taif Collection

Which is the best online perfume shop in the UAE?

Taif Al Emarat Perfumes | The best online perfume store in the United Arab Emirates.

What are the top 5 perfumes for 2022 from Taif Collection?

  • T04 - In the audacity of magic, the presence of Oud, and the sobriety of honey
  • T09 - Embrace your feelings and relax in a vast world of vanilla and amber.
  • Mood - A fragrance that brightens your mood to depths beyond passion.
  • T08 - Vanilla rose and taif to tell your story, whisper, enveloping patchouli, and musk.
  • T01 - A bright morning refreshes you with the softness of musk, powder, and bergamot.

Which is the best buy men's perfume online in UAE?

  • T10 King - At the heart are valleys of rosemary and amber that stimulate the feelings of men.

What is the hottest perfume in the Taif Collection?

Which is the best smelling oud perfume online?

  • T03 Night Magic - An evening of love that enriches the soul with waves of Oud and patchouli.

What Perfumes Are More attractive?

  • T07 Attractive - Thyme, patchouli, and bergamot awaken youth and return to normal.

Which is the most popular women’s perfume in Taif Al Emarat?

  • T11 Romantic - Tales of pomegranate blossom with white roses.