Take pleasure in the luxurious world of Taif Al Emarat and discover the magic of our best ladies perfumes. With a fragrance that speaks to your soul, you can elevate your senses, boost your confidence, and leave an everlasting impression. Taif Al Emarat's Women's Perfume Collection is a symphony of scents that celebrate womanhood. From delicate floral notes that evoke a sense of elegance and romance to sensual oriental blends that exude confidence and allure, our perfumes are a harmonious blend of elegance and desire. Immerse yourself in the euphoric embrace of our signature fragrances, where rich layers of carefully selected ingredients carry you to a world of grace and class. Allow the exquisite blend of precious oud, delicate rose petals, and vibrant spices to awaken your senses and bring out your inner goddess.

T01 Fresh

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T11 Romantic

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

T13 Charismatic

Price: 142 USD (VAT Included)

R01 Flowers Bouquet

Price: 101 USD (VAT Included)

R02 Flirting

Price: 101 USD (VAT Included)

R03 Passion

Price: 101 USD (VAT Included)

R04 Presence

Price: 101 USD (VAT Included)

R05 Legend

Price: 101 USD (VAT Included)

R06 Feelings

Price: 101 USD (VAT Included)

R07 Oud Magic

Price: 101 USD (VAT Included)

V06 Royal Roses

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V07 Oud and Saffron

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V09 Adore

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

Best Ladies Perfume Brands in Dubai, UAE

Welcome to the online home of Taif Al Emarat, the leading perfume brand in the United Arab Emirates. Our high-end fragrances are crafted to stimulate your senses and leave you feeling revitalized and invigorated. Our trademark fragrance is a one-of-a-kind concoction of the highest quality materials; each component was hand-picked to linger on the wearer for as long as possible.

We here at Taif Al Emarat have a wide variety of men, women, and unisex. Especially considering the dream of our women, we have a variety of women's fragrances to meet your every need and want. We stock various fragrances, from subtle and refreshing options for everyday use to more daring and tempting offerings for formal occasions.

We're delighted to provide high-end perfumes for women in Dubai, UAE at prices anyone can afford since we know how important it is to have a personal, memorable experience when shopping for perfume. Our wide selection of best luxury perfumes for women at affordable prices is part of our commitment to the idea that every female deserves to feel and look beautiful.

Perfumes for women and girls are available in various styles and scents to suit your preferences. We offer a wide variety of fragrances available online; including fruity, floral, and musky options. Thanks to our long-lasting women's perfume, you may feel confident that you will make an impression everywhere you go.

Some of the most sought-after scents in Dubai can be found in our best-selling women's perfume collection. If you're seeking a high-end fragrance for women, go no further than our top ladies' perfume in Dubai. After applying our most luxurious perfume, we guarantee you will feel like royalty.

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Perfume is more than just a scent; at Taif Al Emarat, we treat it as such. It reflects who you are and how you want to be perceived. We have many famous women's perfume lines to meet your needs and preferences. Our women's fragrance is formulated to instill a sense of strength and self-assurance, preparing you to take on the world.

To sum up, Taif Al Emarat sells the finest ladies perfume in all of Dubai, UAE. Our luxury perfumes are crafted to stimulate your senses and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. We provide a wide selection of women's perfumes to suit every event or state of mind. Perfume brands for ladies we carry are reasonably priced and of top quality. Why hold off? Get the hot-selling perfume for ladies in Dubai right now.

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Taif Al Emarat is the place to go to enhance your fragrance game. This shop has everything you need, whether seeking the best present for a loved one or wanting to pamper yourself with unique new luxurious scents. Visit our shop today to explore what we think to be the finest women's fragrances in Dubai, UAE.

The above is our best-selling ladies perfume in the UAE and the whole GCC.

Luxury Perfumes for Women Dubai, UAE

R04 - Presence (Violet And Orchid Flower)

In the darkness of the night, a voice asks for a flower of violets and orchids, a beautiful mirage that reaches the sky with the boldness of cedar wood and musk.

R02 - Flirting (Moroccan Rose And Rosemary)

The colors of longing that the Moroccan roses expose reveal the rosemary, murmuring the citrus air, and the smell of cedar is blown out of her voice.

R07 - Oud Magic (Royal Oud And Saffron)

The uniqueness of the magic Oud, amber, and saffron, the treasures of lavender await its admirers, a journey of imagination inspired by Sherazade's fables.

V07 - Oud And Saffron

A regal perspective of rosemary, with a beautiful grandeur, whispering in the ears, perfumed with saffron smell, and a heart in love with cedar wood, flaunting the magic of Cambodian Oud-like breezes.

V06 - Royal Roses (Ylang Ylang And Musk)

Brimming with the confidence of royal roses and ylang-ylang, its presence ignites sandalwood myths and unleashes rose and musk to overwhelm the space.


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