Etihad Collection

A collection that symbolizes our beloved country, which is considered a respect for the spirit of the union

UAE Oud Long live my country

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

Emirates Land The Land of Goodness

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

UAE National Day Union perfume

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

Year of Zayed Zayed the Benevolent

Price: 215 USD (VAT Included)

Al Etihad Box

Price: 1297 USD (VAT Included)

Luxury Arabic Perfumes: A Tribute to UAE's Rich Heritage

Taif Al Emarat proudly introduces its Etihad Collection as an olfactory tribute to our country. One that captures its spirit while paying homage to its rich heritage and spirit of unity. As part of our aromatic voyage, explore this exciting selection of Luxury Arabic perfumes which encapsulate its very soul!

A Cultural Tribute to the UAE

The Etihad Collection represents more than just perfume. It embodies our devotion and appreciation of UAE, where each fragrance captures its vibrant spirit. The collection symbolizes our deep respect for the spirit of the union.

Explore Our Exclusive Range of Arabic Perfumes

Our luxury Arabic perfumes capture the rich heritage and culture of UAE through meticulous research by curating an eclectic selection of fragrances that truly represent UAE culture. These aromatic offerings will transport you right back into its heart! From their first experience onward, each fragrance transports us directly back home!

Embrace the Spirit of Unity

UAE is an oasis where different cultures come together as one. Our Etihad Collection celebrates this diversity by creating fragrances to represent it. Each perfume in our collection embodies traditional and modern elements like its nation itself. Each scent was designed to promote unity, respect and admiration of this great nation. To appreciate the true spirit of UAE, you need to try one of these luxury fragrances. Taif Al Emarat makes sure to provide its customers with unique sensory experiences. They made sure that you left with not just perfume but a little piece of the nation itself.

Experience the Magic at Taif Al Emarat

At Taif Al Emarat, we take great pleasure in unveiling the Etihad Collection. A homage to UAE culture and heritage. As you browse its exquisite perfumes, your senses will take an amazing sensory journey. It's because every perfume captures something different about this vibrant region. Its beauty, grace, culture, and togetherness are all waiting to be experienced by you. Come experience this with Taif Al Emarat, where the magic of the Emirates awaits your senses!

Taif Al Emarat's Etihad Collection goes far beyond perfume. It pays tribute to UAE heritage while celebrating national unity. Our luxury Arabic perfumes reflect its beauty, culture, and spirit. Come experience it for yourself! Explore scents that pay homage to this exquisite nation and be transported into another dimension of elegance and tradition! Each scent will remind you of the country's rich history and the strong love that inspired this amazing collection.