Violet Collection

Luscious perfumes with charming looks that contain elegant Ingredients that travel with you into the depth of the soul and touch your feelings and the beauty of your personalities.

V01 Commandos

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V02 Fighter

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V03 Captain

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V04 Major

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V05 Sniper

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V06 Royal Roses

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V07 Oud and Saffron

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V08 Kaif

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V09 Adore

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

V10 Oud and Basil

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

Luban Perfume Salalah

Price: 87 USD (VAT Included)

Violet Collection 3 Fragrances

Price: 262 USD (VAT Included)

Commandos Collection

Price: 283 USD (VAT Included)

Diwan Box 1

Price: 128 USD (VAT Included)

Diwan Box 2

Price: 188 USD (VAT Included)

Captivating Hearts with our Exclusive Collection of Violet Perfumes

Welcome to the magical world of Taif Al Emarat's Violet Collection, where our perfumes are like a beautiful art show, and each spray takes you on a journey of luxury and elegance. Our luxury violet perfumes are made to charm and leave a lasting impression on everyone who tries them. We really care about making high-quality, well-crafted, and innovative fragrances. Our collection is all about celebrating the timeless beauty of violet in perfumes. Come join us in a place where scents go beyond the usual and let us make your fragrance experience extra special.

Violet Perfumes: A Luxurious Experience

Violets have long been associated with beauty, grace and sophistication. The Violet Collection utilizes rare ingredients to craft perfumes that exude a sense of true luxury and exclusivity. Each perfume in our Violet Collection was created using meticulous care. Thus, our perfumes create a sensory journey you won't find elsewhere!

As our violet fragrances are specially-crafted using only premium ingredients. These ingredients are sourced globally, crafting a lasting, elegant fragrance. Whether you like a fresh and flowery violet scent or a stronger, richer violet smell, our collection has options for everyone. The formula is top-notch and lasts a long time, so you'll smell great all day, making a statement that sticks with you.

Best Perfumes for Men and Women

At Taif Al Emarat, we know that luxury knows no gender boundaries. Our Violet Collection boasts the best perfumes for men and women, regardless of your preferences or personal style. Fragrance can be an expression of oneself. Thus, our violet scents suit everyone's unique taste and preferences.

Violet scents exude femininity, grace, and sensuality for women, while our exquisite V03 and Luban Perfume from the Violet collection aim to elevate their charm while leaving an indelible mark at any social gathering or romantic dinner date. At the same time, violet scents for men exude confidence, sophistication, charisma. Thus, they are perfect for modern men who wish to make a statement wherever they go!

Elevating Your Fragrance Experience with Luxury Perfumes

In the world of luxury perfumes, luxury isn't just about the cost. It's about how well it's made and the feelings it brings out. Taif Al Emarat's Violet Collection offers a luxurious and timeless fragrance. Experience captivating scents for a truly special olfactory journey. We think every time you use our violet fragrances, it's a chance to enjoy a moment of pure style and class.

Discover the artistry of violet perfumes and let them become an integral part of your daily routine. Discover a whole new level of amazing scents with Taif Al Emarat's special collection. Each bottle is like a work of art, just waiting for you to experience it. Dive into the luxurious world of perfumes and let our amazing scents take you to a place of beauty and charm that's uniquely Taif Al Emarat.