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Discover our wide collection of luxury perfume gift sets for men and women, designed with love, to meet your fragrance needs. Experience the goodness of perfumes, oils, incense, and accessories, embracing tradition and time.

Personalized Gift Boxes

Taif Collection 3 Fragrances

Price: 425 USD (VAT Included)

GCC Collection 3 Fragrances

Price: 646 USD (VAT Included)

GCC Collection 6 Fragrances

Price: 1292 USD (VAT Included)

Violet Collection 3 Fragrances

Price: 262 USD (VAT Included)
Out of Stock.
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Majlis Violet

Price: 207 USD (VAT Included)

Smart Box

Price: 324 USD (VAT Included)

Elegance Box

Price: 283 USD (VAT Included)

Musk Violet Collection 3 Fragrances

Price: 262 USD (VAT Included)
Out of Stock.
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Readymade Boxes

Marawy Box 22

Price: 327 USD (VAT Included)
Out of Stock.
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Al Etihad Box

Price: 1297 USD (VAT Included)


Price: 272 USD (VAT Included)
Out of Stock.
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Kif Gift Set

Price: 300 USD (VAT Included)

Perfume Gift Set Collection for Men & Women - Dubai, UAE

When you give someone a gift that is both thoughtful and exquisite, you are showing them how much you care about them. Perfume gift sets are the epitome of sophistication and grace, making them the ideal present for any occasion. Taif Al Emarat has the luxurious and exotic gift set you need to make someone feel truly unique.

When it comes to perfumes including oud, bakhour, amber, musk, and similar notes, Taif Al Emarat is the name to trust in Dubai, UAE. The company's mission is to use only natural ingredients to make lavish high-quality, long-lasting fragrances. We have luxury arabic perfume gift sets that have just the right amount of class, sophistication, and history. These work great as a thank-you present, anniversary present, or birthday present.

The variety of sizes and shapes available in fragrant gift sets means that they are suitable for any recipient. We carry a wide variety of luxury women's perfume sets that are sure to please any shopper. Perfume gift sets for ladies aim to epitomize those qualities in their recipients. Miniature perfume sets sit beside more substantial, high-end alternatives.

We have an exquisite variety of fragrance gift sets for couples that are ideal for commemorating romantic relationships. The perfumes in these sets were created with couples in mind, with complimentary scents meant to be worn together for a sensual, sophisticated aroma.

Taif Al Emarat has great gift sets for men's fragrances as well. There is a large selection of scents available in the men's perfume set assortment. There's a fragrance here for every man, from the most daring and powerful to the most subtle and refined. These fragrance gift sets for men are the epitome of versatility and sophistication, making them ideal for any event.

We not only sell full-sized perfume sets for men and women, but also sampler boxes for people who want to try out a variety of scents. Because of their small size and portability, the mini perfume sets are ideal for use on the go or as an instant fragrance supply.

If you're looking for a beautiful and fashionable gift package, the Taif Al Emarat perfume gift boxes are another excellent choice. The gift boxes are available in a variety of sizes and forms, and they are both practical and fashionable in design. These boxes are so well made that they may be used for both exhibiting and giving as presents.

Finally, if you want to wow someone with an exotic and high-end fragrance, go no further than Taif Al Emarat. You can feel good about giving this item, as the company is dedicated to using only natural products and eco-friendly methods. Taif has a wide variety of luxury arabic perfume gift sets for any occasion. Choose from women's perfume gift sets, couple's perfume gift sets, men's perfume gift sets, mini perfume gift sets, and custom gift boxes. What better way to show how much you care than with a gift set of perfume?

Taif Collection - 3 Fragrances

The Taif line offers three perfumes, each with its own unique allure and nuances, packaged in a sleek box that comes in white and black.

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GCC Collection - 3 Fragrances

Three of your favorite perfumes from the rare GCC collection, packaged in a beautiful box with enticing olfactory undertones.

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The UAE Collection

The GCC Collection's map of the Emirates serves as a unifying motif for the four individual fragrances that together tell the tale of this remarkable region. Oud Saffron Musk, Sheikh Hamdan's Oud, 36 grams of Oud, and 50 grams of Bakhour Shay Taif.

Personalized Gift Box

Make it stand out! Choose a perfume from the Taif collection or the cream collection to complement your bakhoor selection. Anything you select will be placed in a separate box of your choosing.

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Violet Oud Collection

Two perfumes from the Violet collection, Oud and musk, presented in a luxurious presentation box; a lovely gift that is sure to please.

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