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Bakhour Emaratna 22 Pcs of dukhon

Bakhour Shay Taif 22 Pcs of dukhon

Bakhour Mahra 22 Pcs of dukhon

Bakhour AL Jumeira 22 Pcs of dukhon

Bakhour Ben Nahyan 22 Pcs of dukhon

T01 Fresh

T02 Night Magic

T03 Cesar

T04 Dashing

T05 Oriental Magic

T06 Glory

T07 Attractive

T08 Theyab

T09 Change your life

T10 The King

T11 Romantic

T12 Vibrant

T13 Charismatic

T14 Youth Spirit

T15 Gratuitous

T16 Musk Honey

T17 Tobacco Honey

T18 Lemon Musk

Golden Oud

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232 USD

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Make it memorable! Select from the bakhoor collection and a fragrance from T collection to create your unique gift assortment. Everything you choose will be in a unique box you’ve selected.

Weight: 1230 G
Thickness: 8 Cm
Width: 23 Cm
Height: 17 Cm