Western Region - Al Dhafra Mall

Address: Al Dhafra Mall Abu dhabi

Location: Ground Floor

Phone Number: 0097128822544

Taif Al Emarat - Al Dhafra Mall - Best Bakhoor Shops

Browse the full range of Best Bakhoor and Arabic oud perfumes. Taif Al Emarat is characterized by the distinctive and exotic scent that gives it a unique and instantly recognizable scent. Taif Al Emarat is the most useful luxury Arabic perfume house in Al Dhafra Mall with decades of Arabic perfumery experience. Buy the best perfume from Al Dhafra Mall. Embark on a journey through the alluring world of folkloric fragrances of rich Arabian perfumes and let the wild oriental engulf your senses with unrestrained passion. Mastery and commitment to the finest trends and quality of Arabic perfumes.